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Rail Shelters

RS-700 Mechanical Rail Shelter

Featuring durable coated-fabric cover supported by spring-tensioned frames, this series Mechanical Rail Shelter is designed for one-person operation. Standard four-sided frame construction is available with a three or four-sided cover. The series is built with durable, 100 percent corrosion-resistant hardware.

Design Highlights

  • Includes Hook & Loop Tiebacks & Fluorescent Red Safety Stripes on Shelter Cover for Increased Visibility
  • Variable Height Head Curtain (up to 36" drop standard) Can Be Fixed or Split
  • Standard Base Cover Fabric All Models: 22 oz Vinyl
  • Rail Shelter Projection is Equal to Distance From the Inside of Near Rail to Building Wall Minus 24" (field survey) or Centerline of Track to Building Wall Minus 54" (architectural plans)
  • Only One of These Projection Calculations is Required
  • Includes 4-Sided Frame & 3 or 4-Sided Coated Fabric Cover (bottom of 4-Sided cover includes 6'-0" wide "clean out" slot)
  • Top & Bottom Framing Is 2 x 4 Treated Wood
  • Side Framing is 2 x 6 Treated Wood.
  • Top & Bottom Frame Crossbars Are 1" Sched. 40 Galvanized Pipe
  • Top & Bottom Arms Are 1" Sched. 40 Aluminum Pipe
  • Shelter Width is Typically 12" Greater than Door Width.
  • Bottom of 700 Series Must Be Mounted 12" Below Rail Dock Floor to Allow for Bottom 2 x 4 and Crossbar with Ropes & Pulleys
  • Top of Rail Shelter Typically 14'-6" to 15'-6" Off Top of Rail (and higher for some applications)
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