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Cant Leg Uprights

Engineered safety - escape and resist lift truck damage!

Super Cant-Leg is tough enough to take on lift trucks. This exclusive patented Speedrack design recesses columns away from traffic. It allows a wider travel aisle thus excaping lift truck damage. Like Speedrack Super Truss, Super Cant-Leg is sealed tubular in structure. Massively engineered in heavy gauge, three inch thick, high-yield steel, it is 100% stronger than standard uprights. Super Cant-Leg Provides maximum safety. Rack maintenance costs are cut to a minimum. Total storage capacity is retained and it even makes order picking easier. For strength, safety and value...specify Speedrack Super Cant-Leg. There's nothing like it.

Benefits and Features:

  • 100% stronger than normal uprights
  • Greater resistance to truck damage
  • Allows more aisle clearance for lift truck maneuvering
  • Cleaner sealed tube design
  • Safer!
  • Available for selective and drive-in racks
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